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A thermal envelope is simply the boundary between the interior and exterior of a structure that shields the living space from outdoor conditions. It dictates the comfort in a home and it is a major factor in the cost to build and maintain it. A poor envelope lets heat escape, has a higher energy consumption, and is less comfortable.

The Thermal Envelope Company offers customized solutions for a variety of needs that are greener and cost less.

The measure of insulation’s ability to resist heat traveling through it is expressed as R-value. The higher the R-value, or resistance, the slower the heat transfer and the better thermal performance of the insulation.

R-value is a measure of heat transfer through conduction only. Heat also flows through radiation, and convection. The Thermal Envelope Company is the only company that addresses all three types of heat transfer. When all three types of heat transfer are considered in the equation, the results are a significantly more effective insulation system.

The Thermal Envelope Company also offers a custom and patented solution that addresses not only conduction, but includes convection and radiation. This top performing system, Gen9, exceeds code, achieves up to 50% greater performance than traditional solutions, stops heat from escaping, reduces energy consumption up to 50%, and maintains a consistent temperature even in the most extreme weather environments.

Learn more about the Thermal Envelope Company next generation insulation systems in this short video.