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The Thermal Envelope Company is an innovation leader that engineers a superior, more comfortable home. We assemble insulation in homes specifically for the most extreme weather environments. The Thermal Envelope Company enhances design with the best quality systems. We consult with you, your architect, and your builder to simply help you build a more comfortable home.

In addition, the Thermal Envelope Company systems cost less, significantly reduce heating bills and are a greener solution than the others, all while increasing the value and comfort of your home. We are so confident in our performance, we guarantee it!

The Thermal Envelope Company provides a Performance Guarantee for new homes built with the Gen9 system. Read our FAQ section or visit the contact page to email us for complete details.

View a few of the extraordinary homes where the Thermal Envelope Company’s solutions have been implemented in this short video.

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The Thermal Envelope Company Gen9 Insulation System was installed in this single-family home in Sun Valley, Idaho in 2012. Not only was the installation cost significantly lower than classic installation methods, the monthly heating costs are consistently low, even during the most severe winter weather. The owner states that they are extremely happy with the home design and heating comfort and highly recommends the Thermal Envelope Company.

James Merrill AIA; Sag Harbor, NY

Kavanagh Construction

Insulation Scheme:
Thermal Envelope Company Gen9

Insulation Scheme:
Thermal Envelope Company Gen9

Sun Valley, ID

5,000 sq. ft.

Year Built:

Insulation Cost:
$47,150 ($9.43 per livable sq. ft.)

Peak Winter Heating Cost:
$135 / mo.