Frequently Asked Questions

The Thermal Envelope Company has put together some frequently asked questions and answers that you may find helpful. Please take a look below. However, if a question hasn’t been answered, contact us and we’ll get back to you.

What is a thermal envelope?

The thermal envelope is the boundary between the interior and the exterior of a structure. It is made up of three primary components: the structure — foundation, framing and roof; glazing — windows; and cavities — the spaces in between the framing studs.

What differentiates the Thermal Envelope Company from other insulation installers?

The Thermal Envelope Company considers all of a building’s components and our client’s priorities when developing the optimal thermal envelope solution. Every solution is custom designed for each home.  We consult with your builders and architects to build-in quality and performance based on science and engineering. The Thermal Envelope Company can significantly improve your home’s performance with no additional cost to your build.

What is the Thermal Envelope Company’s top performing product?

The Thermal Envelope Company’s top performing product is the Gen9 insulation system.

The Gen9 system is an insulation solution for buildings in extreme climates. The Gen9 system was designed to address all three forms of heat transfer: radiation, convection and conduction. Traditional insulation products focus primarily on conduction. Only Gen9 addresses all three, resulting in exceptional comfort, lower overall building cost, increased building quality and significantly lower energy consumption for the life of the home.

How do you define the performance of a home?

A well insulated home does not have hot and cold spots, the temperature is stable and consistent, ice does not form on the roof, and it is quiet without echoes. The efficiency of a home’s thermal envelope is the only component of a home that has a recurring financial and environmental impact for the life of the home.

Isn’t all insulation pretty much the same?

No. There are many types of insulation products. The basic categories are referred to as batts, foam panels, spray foams and hybrids. Within each of these categories there are many varieties, formulations and manufacturers. The right choice for your home depends on where you live, the design of your home, your budget and how you expect your home to perform.

Will building to code keep my home warm?

No. Building codes are an engineered minimum for safety (i.e. so pipes won’t freeze). Building codes do not take into account your comfort or how much you spend on fuel to heat or cool your home. In extreme weather environments building above code is necessary to ensure a comfortable environment.

How do I choose the right insulation for my project?

The Thermal Envelope Company works with you to understand your priorities for your home’s performance and delivers a range of solutions to suit your needs. The right solution for you will be the one that addresses your priorities with respect to design, budget, comfort and energy consumption.

What is the Thermal Envelope Company Performance Guarantee?

We guarantee your home’s thermal performance with the Gen9 system. If you consume energy above our guarantee we will pay you differential for three years.

We configure the guarantee based on your building plans and corresponding insulation proposal. We develop peak and annual energy consumption forecasts from which we derive maximum energy consumption for the first year after completion of your home. There are some reasonable exclusions:

  • The Thermal Envelope Company doesn’t guarantee energy consumed outside of the thermal envelope like the heating cost of a pool or heated driveway.
  • The guarantee is specific to the approved building plan. Changes or additions to that plan aren’t included and void the guarantee.
  • Authorization from the energy provider is required to issue us duplicate statements.

Does the Thermal Envelope Company incorporate soundproofing?

Yes. The Thermal Envelope Company has a variety of solutions for sound reduction/mitigation as well as sound cancellation for both internal and external walls.