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Case Study: Scroll down to see Thermal Envelope Company Performance Comparison Study

The Thermal Envelope Company is a value-added partner. Our consulting services help you realize your architectural vision. We keep insulation costs low and improve workflow throughout the planning and construction phases of a project. We do this by keeping the construction site warm and comfortable, allowing tradesmen to work in the coldest climates. Our systems increase value, reduce cost, maximize green solutions and decrease energy consumption. We simply help you build a better structure.

The Thermal Envelope Company provides an estimate based on frame type, roof type, and amount of glazing. Because of our unique and flexible approach, when you work with us, our proposal is your final cost.

The Thermal Envelope Company has installed insulation systems in over 200 new buildings and 100 renovations in the extreme weather environments of the Sun Valley, Idaho Area and the Jackson Hole, Wyoming Basin. We’ve worked with some of the top architects and builders in these areas, including:

Case Study

Thermal Envelope Company Performance Comparison Study.

To illustrate the performance metrics that can be achieved, the Thermal Envelope Company compared select thermal envelope systems using a sample home. The home is 6,300 sq. ft. and located in Sun Valley, Idaho (Building Zone 6). The average minimum winter temperature has been 8 °F (NOAA). This project includes 2 roof structures; a parallel truss with an 8/12 pitch and flat roof structure. The envelope components are: Frame (2X6) 25%, Glazing (double pane) 25%, and Cavities (16OC) 50%. The performance comparison is below.

Performance Metrics

Prescriptive Wall/Roof R-Values 21/49 28/49 29/49 30/60
Whole Wall R-Values* 5 8 13 20
Implementation Cost:
Roof ($ / bd or sq. ft.) $ 1.80 $ 4.08 $ 4.08 $ 3.79
Walls ($ / bd or sq. ft.) $ 1.10 $ 3.27 $ 3.84  $ 2.29
Peak Winter Energy Consumption
BTU/Day 2,721,600 1,512,000 1,058,400 756,000
BTU/Month 81,648,000 45,360,000 31,752,000 22,680,000
Comfort Rating 6 7-8 8-9 9-10

*R-Value performance of the entire wall assembled in place in accordance with ASHRAE standards using the Elite Energy Pro model